DF6HT  in JO63BT
TV Band1 recordings from Spectran

Here some  Pic´s  recorded  from Spectran-  beginning at November 2011 til May 2014

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think about TV from Afghanistan after others closed27.05.2014
think about TV from Afghanistan after others closed26.05.2014
First seen since a long time: 5Z TV with big sidebands5ztv
12.5.2014 saw the carier  new for me on 49.749,496Mhz3 49er 05.05.2014 49.757.825Mhz which shows Tula near MoscowBand1
49.747,411Mhz MoscowMoscou
49.739,647Mhz KlinskyKlinsky
Kenia TV Carieron Sunday morning- strongest that ever seen here: Cameroon TV Carier
same day Syria
and same Day Syria and Kenya TV
Syria TV Carier
Cameroon and Syria TV Carier Kenya TV Carier
incl 9L1 Pic from East48.249,371-48.249,969-48.250,364   
Cameroon TV 3C0?